The “Savvy Strategist” Online Course in Digital Advocacy

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The “Savvy Strategist” is a seven-week online course in digital advocacy that has been delivered to dozens of civil society activists from Arab countries. This course is designed by Social Media Exchange (SMEX) in collaboration with the Sudanese Development Initiative (SUDIA). Available in both Arabic and English, the content of the course is now available for you to download and use under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

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Each week of the course walks you through a different step planning, designing, and assessing advocacy campaigns with a strong online component. Here are the topics:

Week 1: Defining Digital Advocacy.

In this week, learners will develop a framework for thinking about advocacy and how it has evolved in the Internet age. 

Week 2: Writing SMART Digital Goals

In this week, learners will know how to write SMART digital goals for their campaigns.

Week 3: Identifying Audiences

In this week, learners will learn the skills they need to make informed decisions about where to apply pressure to achieve their goals. 

Week 4: Messaging Part I 

In this week, learners will learn how to develop a messaging strategy to support their mobilization and media strategies. 

Week 5:  Messaging Part 2

This week will help learners complete their messaging strategy by customizing messages for specific audiences to build trust and credibility in their campaign. 

Week 6: Choosing Tactics

This week offers learners an overview of tactics and the way choose the most effective ones for their campaigns.

Week 7: Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Here learners will begin to see monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) as the loyal companions they really are and learn how to apply them to their campaigns. 


We always work on delivering different online courses on digital advocacy, digital safety, digital journalism, and digital rights on our platform NetHawwal (Arabic). Many of the resources that we use in designing these courses are found on our open digital library Tasharuk. Follow us on @smex and stay tuned to all our new offerings!

If you or your organization are interested in taking this course with experienced course moderation, please contact us.




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