SMEX Launches “Working Drafts” Series on the Emerging Legal Framework for Free Expression Online in the Arab World

Since 2011 several new laws (we’re still counting how many) have been drafted, updated, and/or passed in Arab countries that further threaten freedom of expression and other civil and political rights. These laws—which include amendments to press laws, counter-terrorism measures, and legislation against cybercrime, as well as executive decrees—not only add to the chilling effects on speech of existing legal restrictions, but […]

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UAE regulates online communication tools

Following the national laws in United Arab Emirates, TRA had published new regulations following the principles of Islam and the social and moral welfare of the UAE, as mentioned in the new regulations. The new regulations legislate so far the tools mentioned below: Youtube, Yahoo, Flickr, Twitter, Outlook, LinkedIn, Keek, Gmail, Facebook, Blackberry, Apple, and […]

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Strategy Toolkit

New Tactics in Human Rights developed a strategy to help human rights advocates to build  their strategies effectively. This video explains the purpose and the  components of this toolkit.   New Tactics Strategy Toolkit: An Overview [English] from New Tactics in Human Rights on Vimeo.

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Twitter Hiring Brand Strategist – Middle East & North Africa

The Brand Strategy team at Twitter works with the world s top brands and their agencies to develop multi-channel marketing and content solutions. Brand Strategists are senior-level marketers, creative visionaries, and strategic thinkers who create measurably effective solutions that meet client objectives, while leveraging the unique attributes of the Twitter platform and the behaviors of […]

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