A Crowdmapping Initiative to Medically-Check the Homeless

The increasing number of homeless people in Beirut streets can be attributed to many reasons, yet the fact remains that these individuals roam the city’s streets without care, safety and medical attention. This can often lead them into a life-threatening downward spiral. This rising problem prompted the launching of various civil-society initiatives to help the […]

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#HACKINGEXTREMISM: How Did Community Groups Counter Violent Extremism?

The advancement of the internet and the tools it provides can sometimes be a double-edged sword. While it does present valuable opportunities for collaboration and communication, the internet can also be used by violent extremists to promote their hostile agenda. To generate local discussions and solutions on the topic, SMEX organized “#HackingExtremism: A Participatory Symposium […]

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Preparing New Voices to Shape Internet Governance in the Middle East

While the Internet has long been recognized as a space for learning, self-expression, innovation, commerce, and sharing, it’s less understood as a political and contested space, where stakeholders with diverse and sometimes conflicting interests are constantly negotiating varying degrees of regulation of the network, from absolute openness to tight control. Understanding the components of the […]

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